Permatic - Double bending line for concrete reinforcing steel bars 1669

Permatic double bending lines decisively streamline the bending of reinforcing steel from bars. Pedax offers an entire range in various sizes and different designs. You can choose between five different sizes. 1\. Permatic 50 N: classic design for the use of bending rollers. 500 mm roller conveyor width, position-controlled Siemens motors. 2\. Permatic 50 S: equipped as pos. 1, but in both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. 3\. Permatic 60 S: preferred production machine, providing high bending speeds of up to 90°/s. 4\. Permatic 65 S: Equipment as in pos. 3, but much higher performance, 125 mm tool height. 5\. Permatic 60 SK: as Permatic 60S, but with automatic adjustment functions: Clamping fixtures and material guides are automatically adjusted via the program to the respective tool and the bar diameter to be bent. Material guides swivel automatically out of the travel area; therefore extremely tight centre to centre distances of only 1.04 m for extended areas of application. 6\. NEW!! Permatic 60 A: In addition to the movability of the mobile machine in longitudinal direction, both bending machines can also be moved in y-direction, enabling the automatic production of different radii in one bending shape. Pneumatic tool lifter for easy tool change. **Permatic:** * Only one operator. * Fast, safe and automatic. * Short payback time, savings in labour costs. * Siemens S7 control with integrated panel PC. * Powerful PEDAX gearbox for long service life; four turntable speeds. * Material storage, feeding and discharge system. * Tool insert system for short set-up times. * Automatic +/- bending. **Option:** * Online or scanner operation.
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    Permatic 60 double bender - 14m in good condition. Including a 6 box chain conveyor
    With standard bending tools 
    Control unit rebuild to Siemens S 7

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