The History

GMT was forged out of passion!

The history of GMT is the history of Mr. Ulrich Deichmann’s powerful will to create and achieve the highest of goals.

In 1986, Ulrich Deichmann was the the co-founder of Stema Engineering, and along with two other partners, Ulrich Deichmann was the architect behind the fusion in 1997 with Pedax Maschinenbau in Bitburg Germany. The company was from then known as Stema/Pedax – Denmark.

Ulrich was the engine behind the constant development and progress of of Stema/Pedax that is now known as the 3. largest manufacture of machines and plants for the rebar indystry in the whole world by the year 2008! The same year Stema/Pedax was awarded with “Entrepreneur of the year” contest, which were held by the well known accounting firm Ernst & Young.

After Stema/Pedax was sold to the private equity fond Odin. Ulrich Deichmann thought he should enjoy life, but as it turns out, he threw himself at an new project, and so it happen that GMT was created. Once again he has put his mind to a project just like he did in 1986.
Ulrich Deichmann is the core in GMT, if you have had the pleasure of doing business with him in his Stema/Pedax days, you will enjoy the collaboration with GMT just as much.

The team

Ulrich Deichmann

Managing Director and founder

Ulrich is straight-forward and direct. He makes sure we keep moving forward. He is the engine behind GMT – and he is a powerful engine.

Ulrich is a trustworthy and honest man. With his many years of experience from his more than 25 years with Pedax. With the extensive traveling throughout the years, Ulrich knows every machine and every Rebarshop. His well-connected mind makes Ulrich the perfect person for being in charge.

Motto: “The customers problem, is our problem”

Languages: English, German and Danish

Contact: ud@gmtaps.com - LinkedIn

Zoran Stosic

Sales Manager

Zoran is a hardworking and dedicated person to have on the team. Zoran makes sure we keep up the speed. If Zoran promises you something by 2 o’clock, you can expect to have it 1 o’clock.

Zorans mentality shouts reliable! You can trust Zoran that his hasn’t forgotten about you, he is just double-checking that it is the best solution you are receiving. Zoran has more than 15 years of experience in the Rebar machine industry, and you can bet that these years of experience is coming to good use in GMT.

Motto: “Keep up, and keep improving”

Languages: English, Italien and Serbian

Contact: zs@gmtaps.com - LinkedIn

Thomas Dall-Hansen

 Sales Manager

Thomas is devoted to the customer’s feeling of satisfaction, not his own. Thomas believes that honesty is the best way forward, and that honesty is the foundation of any good lasting relationship!

Thomas is the youngest member of the team. Even though, then Thomas has the structural mindset he learned from his Master degree in law, combined with his skilled approach of machine understanding and advanced mechanisms.

Motto: “Do it right – the first time!

Languages: English, French and Danish

Contact: tdh@gmtaps.com - LinkedIn

The employees

We have only devoted employees in GMT.
For us it is necessary, that we have happy employees.
Because we know, that happy employees make fewer mistakes and always give 10% more if required.
We have people taking care of finace, orderhandeling, and of course logistics.

The Engineers

The engineers in GMT comes from the highest shelf.
We expect a lot from them, and the work they do.
That is why we always makes sure that it is the right person we sent out for the job.
And the right person is always the engineer with the best training and know-how about the specific machine.

The Developers

Constantly curious and constantly improving.