EVG GE 12/102-PV - Wire mesh welding line 1776

EVG Wire mesh welding line.
  • Machine info:

    EVG mesh machine.

    Both line and cross wires pre-straightened and cut to length. Manuel feeding into feeding cart.

    Incl. turner and stacker unit.

    Incl. automatic tagger

    Components are from 2007/2008/2013 - in really good condition and it has been well maintained!


    Working range:

    ·      Mesh width (cross wire length)

    Min. 1200mm

    Max. 2750mm

    ·      Sheet lenght

    Min. 2000mm

    Max. 7000mm

    ·      Cross Wire pitch

    Min. 50mm

    Max. 400mm

    ·      Line Wire spacing

    Min. 50mm, stepless afterwards

    ·      Cross Wire spacing

    Min. 4mm

    Max. 12mm

    ·      Line Wire diameter

    Min. 4mm

    Max. 12mm

    ·      Max. Welding power

    Cross + Line wire = 24mm

    ·      Machine speed

    Max. 110 cycles/min

    ·      Stack height

    Max. 700mm



    Electrical Data:

    Power load of welding transformers with 50% ID

    850 KVA

    Power of driving motors

    82 KVA

    Mains voltage (welding)

    3 x 400V

    Mains frequency

    50 Hz

    Cooling water and compressed air requerments

    Yes – both

  • Production year: