Oil additives

We all know the problem - oil leaks all over the place!

Lets put an end to this mess, lets work in a safe and clean environment. GMT is now coorporating with ABCON Industries and is offering 2 very simple sulutions to avoid leaks and prevent damage inside your machine. With Hydraulic+, Gear+, Hydraulic SL (Stop Leak) and Lubrication Paste - your rebar shop just got a lot cleaner, but even more important you just prolonged the lift on your machine - esspecially the hydraulic system! - And we can prove it to you!

Hydraulic Stop Leak

How Our STOP LEAK Additives Work

How Our STOP LEAK Additives Work

It starts as a small leak but sooner or later it becomes a major leak. Imagine a simple additive that’ll stop the leak in short time without requiring a repair crew or spare parts.

The usual way of dealing with a leak is to have barrels standing by to constantly refill while capturing lost oil in buckets. However, ABCON’s Stop Leak additives can stop the leaks in a short while in hydraulic systems.

Cause of Leaks

There are several causes of leak such as wear and tear, dust and dirt can get into the oil and make it more acidic, vibrations from the machinery, and heat.

The ABCON® Way – SL (Stop Leak) Additives

By adding ABCON SL additives to the existing oil the teflon particles will eventually pass the leaking area.

Our specifically designed teflon particles form a barrier in the gap between the rubber seal and rod surface. This strongly reduces the leak or stops it. (See image above) We recommend that small leaks are dealt with once they are discovered.


ABCON INDUSTRIAL HYDRAULIC+ is an additive for treatment of systems containing hydraulic oils as carrier. It offers maximum lubrication and anti-wear protection to the metal surfaces

HYDRAULIC+ is a teflon based wear reducing additive. When added to the existing lube oil it reduces the friction between mating surfaces especially where there is metal to metal contact e.g. pumps. If you have a machine that is not leaking yet, we highly recommend adding our Hydraulic+ product. Only between 1-2% by system volume is needed to prevent leaks from occurring/developing.

The reason to add Hydraulic+ additive, is to prevent the TAN (total acid number) from going up. If the oil is becoming too contaminated with especially iron particles created from friction inside the hydraulic pumps, and outside particles from the workshop/atmosphere, that has entered the system through moving parts or holes, then the acid number will increase rapidly. This of course means, that the oil inside the hydraulic system will start to “eat”/sear the seals and gaskets which eventually results in an oil leak. The smaller teflon particles in ABCON INDUSTRIAL HYDRALIC+ impregnate the metal surfaces which leads to reduced friction and thus wear & noise.


So you need proof...

So you need proof...

We did the test, and the results are clear.

Two identical machines where picked.Same working conditions, same type of work same everything. We took oil samples from both machines to establish a base line for the experiment. Then we added Hydrauli+ on one of the machines. We left the machine to run for 3 months - and please see the result to your left.

The oil from the machine without Hydraulic+ additve is far more contaminated with outside partiles and inside iron particles which has been released from friction within the system, than the oil from the machine with Hydraulic+. 

We are now waiting for the laboratory to return with the specific test result and we can't wait to annunce the news!

This will safe a lot of money in your production, your hydralic system will have a much longer life and your proportional valves will last longer!


The GEAR+ product is a gear oil additive for treatment of gearboxes and GEAR systems. GEAR+ with teflon offers maximum lubrication and anti-wear protection to the gear and bearing surfaces of all types of gears. The smaller teflon particles in GEAR+ range from 0,4 to 40 microns. The smaller teflon particles in GEAR+ when subjected to pressure and temperature, impregnate the friction surfaces thus reducing friction and offering corrosion resistance even during lay-up periods and residual lubrication at start up after lay-up periods. The larger teflon particles, which circulate with the gear lubricant will create a cushion between gear surfaces, thereby strongly reducing gear pitting. This cushion effect is also important because it reduces noise caused by minor irregularities of mating surfaces, which are responsible for the very common “period noise”.

Lubrication Paste

Lubrication Paste

ABCON lubrication products are designed to improve the specific wear resistance of hydraulic systems.


When assembling systems with rubber seals, such as hydraulic systems, a much higher protection can be established by using SEAL PROTECT+. Even at longer stand still it maintains its full lubricity capability and therefore reduce the risk of damaging the seals at start up. SEAL PROTECT+ is a complex teflon based lubrication paste, which protects against initial running in problems of machinery, even after long periods of stand-still, and provides long-term lubrication of components that are otherwise difficult or impossible to lubricate after initial assembly.


The ABCON MLP is a Multi-Lubrication Paste for all places, where you need extremely high film strength, adhesion and protection. MLP does not harden with age, and protect exposed components against rust and other corrosion; even aluminum in contact with stainless steel will be protected. Its benefit is that it functions at up to 250 degrees Celsius. In addition, it makes it easier to disassembly the machinery even after long time and it offers a high degree of residual lubrication.

It seals ring surfaces without adhering. It reduces risk of seizing and it reduces wear and tear. It also protects against corrosion.

ABCON INDUSTRIAL -MLP – Numerous Applications

Here are some of the various applications for ABCON MLP. For engines, it can be used on:

• Camshafts and rollers
• Valve spindle and seals
• All bearings and surfaces
• Oil seal and gaskets
• Hinge pins
• Exhaust system and hot bolts
• Engine assembly
• Threads (particularly those to be torqued) • Pump assembly