What we believe to be one of the best management software systems for professional Rebar Shops

G-Bar represents one of the best rebar shop management software’s in the market. It is being used by respectable number of companies all throughout Latin America like, ARCELORMITTAL, VOTORANTIM, FRICKE CORTE & DOBRA & ARMADOS , FERROCORTE INDUSTRIAL LTDA , to name a few.

Competitive advantages of G-BAR software are:

- Affordable Price

- Professionel Service

- Reliable software 

- Comes in any language the customers desires

Rebar shop cut & bend business, nowadays, is a highly competitive field. If you want to stay on top of your competition you need to cut costs, manage your production, optimization and shipping. Therefore, at a reasonable price, we are recommending G-Bar software that can significantly improve your business in all of fields mentioned above.

Modular installation

Modular installation

As you can see, various modules can be installed upon your request, depending on specific needs of your company.


This module allows you basic operations with various registers, essential for defining parameters of your rebar shop production, as well as position typing for work orders, bar code hang tag and label printing according to actual industry standards, or completely customized at your request. Full integration and connectivity with cut & bend machines using BVBS standard is at your disposal and you can connect your machines on company network or you can program them, simply, by reading a bar code from work order with bar code scanners.

Production module

The production module is essential for production planning that will give you the best solutions regarding use of particular machines or group of them for specific jobs at hand. You can test different scenarios of productions and chose one that best suits your needs. You can, also, micromanage different situations in production like production stops for various reasons, maintenance periods or machine breakdowns, to better plan your operation.


Production module


Detail planning of expedition operations, so you can track finished products from the end of production until they have been delivered to your customers.


For best usage of Expedition module, it is recommended that all shipments are registered through data collectors so software can handle them in real time environment.



According to its name it’s being used for complex calculations of different scenarios to minimize waist in cut and bent operations involving usage of steel that is available for production including stoke of tips from previous operations. If your company is using steel in bars as main raw material for production this module is  absolutely MUST HAVE to gain advantage over competition.


  • TIPYNG positions module is used primarily to assign opportunity for multiple operators to type and prepare work orders for production. 

Let's get started

Software is available  in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Serbian (so far), but it can be translated, easily, to any language on request, by GMT Support Service or by customers themselves.


According to the Standard license agreement GMT is offering  installation, training and support services that can be modified to specific client needs.

For any further information you can contact us on [email protected] or on +381 60 33 66 524.