GMT Pro 3 1719

With the GMT Pro 3 butt welder, you will get a machine which can handle even the most intensivweldes up to a 32mm diameter wire. High welding capacity and superior repetitive welds in all material grades within wide diameter range. Rigid and long-lasting construction for tough working conditions. Ease operation by unskilled labor. PLC controlled welding transformer Pneumatically operated clamping jaws and pneumatically operated upsetting force.
  • Machine info:

    GMT Pro 3 Butt Welder for 16-32mm wire.


  • Production year:
  • Technical details:

    Welding capacity: 16-32mm

    Installed Power: P=125kVA

    Air consumption 150 l/min P=6bar     

    NOTE: Need water cooling (does not follow the machine)