Syntax 20 1728

Automatic production center rebar, bidirectional, electronically controlled for the manufacture of small brackets and large, straightened bars as straight bars and straightened, with bends at one or both ends, to a length of 12 meters. • Has the second drive unit, thus ensuring correct and drag scrolling bars, achieving a perfect bent at both ends. • Material dump truck made of ten boxes, proglamable. • Automatic straightening process, directed from computer plc, according diameters to develop.
  • Machine info:

    Syntax 20 incl, 4 pay-off stations and 12 m bench,

    1 mobile 12m collecting trolley, pre-straightening group and wire winch.

    4561/2368 working hours.

  • Production year:


    Voltage supply 380 V - 50 Hz

    Others voltages upon request 440 V - 60 Hz

    Installed power 44 kW

    Average absorbed power 30 kW

    Hydraulic unit capacity 420 l

    Main infeed speed 1,7 m/s

    Truss infeed speed 1,5 m/s

    Bending speed 1200 °/s

    Shearing time 3/10 s

    Centre forming tools diameter for stirrups Ø min. 24 - Ø max. 96 mm

    Centre forming tools diameter for truss Ø60÷ Ø180 (upon request 32-40-50)

    Pay off station max capacity 3200 kg

    Overall dimensions


    Machine 16750 x 2500 x 3120 mm

    Control cabinet 2500 x 470 x 1940 mm

    LCM pay off station 2500 x 2203 x 3000 mm



    Machine 6700 kg

    Control cabinet 110 kg

    LCM pay off station 1200 kg


    Ribbed and plain rod type allowable maximum strength


    Max. unit yield point 600 N/mm2

    Max. tensile strength 700 N/mm2

    Diameter range


    Single ribbed or plain rod Ø8 ÷ 18 mm

    Double ribbed or plain rod Ø8 ÷ 14 mm

    Operation per shape


    Side lengths 1 ÷ 28

    Bends 1 ÷ 27

    Max. bent side length 3000 mm

    Min. first side length 35 mm (for rod Ø8 mm)

    Min. last side length 20 mm (for rod Ø8 mm)

    Max. angle in clockwise bend 180°

    Max. angle in anticlockwise bend 180°



    Side lengths ±1,5 mm/m

    Bends ±0,5°



    Quantity of stirrup/hour (length developed 1100 mm with 5 bends) 1000

    Programme capacity


    Programmable memory codes No limits

    Programmed memory codes 69