SpinMaster Backfeed - Machine for the production of non-welded rollmats. 1715

The SpinMaster Backfeed is a high-capacity machine for producing non-welded rebar rollmats. 80 % reduction of installation time can be realised by simplified material handling. By the use of rebar rollmats, substantial savings – compared to loose bars or welded mesh – are possible. The one-man operation will reduce your labour-costs in the production of the rollmats significantly. The non-welding technology allows the SpinMaster BF to space and prewire epoxy coated rebar, stainless rebar and - of course- black rebar. The feeding of the bars is from the backside, which means, that you need less space for the machine.
  • Machine info:

    Spinmaster 12m with backfeed

  • Production year:
  • SpinMaster BF capacity producing a rollmat of 40'' x 40'' (12mx12m). Spacing of 6'' (150 mm). Including 8 minutes for start and finish/rollmat. Based on 4 bars/min.

    Bar sizet / Rollmatt / 8 hrs.t / Man hourMan hour / ton
    10 mm0,59510,2031,2750,78
    12 mm0,86414,8111,8510,54
    16 mm1,51726,0063,2510,31
    20 mm2,38140,8175,1070,20
    25 mm3,69665,3607,9200,13